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The Left Page

Apr 18, 2022

Hello everyone!!

In this new episode of the show I dive into some of the intricacies of how we can approach, understand, and even reconsider the ideas of genre in fiction. Both on their potential and their limitations to criticism and breaking apart gatekeeping efforts and the walls that harm our attempts at writing, reading, and understanding.

That's the reason for the provocative title of this episode! On the necessary attitudes to question and think anew these ideas of genre and how we can critique to open up and create in new ways, instead of closing them off.

It was a tad chaotic, but fun nevertheless, enjoy!!!


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Intro & Background music:
Erik Satie, 3 Gymnopédies (1889); Gnossiennes 1-6 (1890-1897); 2 Préludes du nazaréen (1892); 2 Prélude de la porte Héroique du ciel (1894); Pièces froides (1897), No. 1: Airs a faire fuir.