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The Left Page

Feb 12, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special 2 year anniversary episode!!! Still unbelievable I've made it this far! The Left Page is my most cherished project right now, and an absolute joy to do!

So I hope you enjoy this special character as we dive into the character of Arsène Lupin in the original stories, the recent show Lupin and even Persona 5! It was really fun to do, and even edit, what do you know? I hope it is an interesting and good episode too, along with a fair celebration of what we've been doing so far, love and solidarity!!


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Intro Music: Gymnopédie Nº1, Erik Satie, 1888

First background: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental), Persona 5 OST, Atlus Sound Team, 2016
Second background: Gentle Madman, Persona 5 Royal OST, Atlus Sound Team, 2019
Third background: Sunset Bridge, Persona 5 OST, Atlus Sound Team, 2016

Outro Music: Colors Flying High, Persona 5 Royal OTS, Atlus Sound Team, 2019

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