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The Left Page

Nov 15, 2020

Hello everyone! This time we experimented with something slightly different from our usual material, we talked a retelling from Nordic Mythology! In particular from Neil Gaiman's collection of it.

We focused on a particular one "The Mead of Poetry" and expanded wildly on art, creation, then onto the proper Left part of the show. Towards the violence involved in poetry and literature's world, and how understanding the world and the material conditions are invaluable to understanding the work itself. An attempted light talk delved Left, so par for the course, really! We hope you find it fun and interesting as well!


Shows mentioned during the episode:

Icy Sedgewick's Fabulous Folklore:

The Magnificast's episode with Dominick Knowles from Protean Magazine:

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Intro Music: Gymnopédie Nº1, Erik Satie, 1888

Outro Music: Waking Every God, Pain of Salvation, Remedy Lane, 2002


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