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The Left Page

Oct 31, 2020

Happy Halloween everyone! We are once again joined by the spectacular Horror Vanguard to talk about an incredible work, Thomas Ligotti's 2002 novella (and two short stories) form My Work is Not Yet Done! We face corporate horror, how capitalism drains away all that makes us human and good, and what both is and means standing against this Ichor of Darkness.

It is a great and fascinating conversation as we both chat endlessly about how corporations and office jobs are demeaning and awful, but still find time to laugh and smile all the same. Once again, a powerful collab, by the best horror podcast about communism and best communist podcast about horror out there!

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Intro Music: Danse Macabre, Camille Saint-Saëns, 1874

Outro Music: Reign of Fear, Apocalyptica, Shadowmaker, 2015


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