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The Left Page & Here Be Media

Jul 29, 2021

Just a few words on the disasters and the crimes and the losses of Brazilian culture.

Jun 11, 2021

In this fantastic episode me and Nadjah O. Art Historian, Archivist and fellow podcaster joins me to talk about Jenny Odell's incredible book "How to do Nothing. Resisting the attention economy".

It was a wonderful chat on the lies of productivity, social media, brands and how work and capitalism are in dire need of...

Mar 12, 2021

Hello everyone! I am back, this time, with a particularly intense and chaotic book, which you can hopefully also judge whether you want to read it or not, it's JG Ballard's 1970 (Collection of essays? Stories? Novel?) The Atrocity Exhibition! A particularly scathing approach to contemporary American and, in general,...