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The Left Page & Here Be Media

Dec 1, 2022

Hello everyone! For this month's HBM episode we dive into the beautiful GRIS, talking about the many elements that make and connect a videogame! It is a great chat on what can make a great game and the things that sometimes fall short. Definitely an investigation into good media and the...

Jul 20, 2022

Hello everyone! In this second episode with a Kyle, albeit a different one (long live the Kylessaince!), this time Kyle Winkler, academic, writer and fellow podcaster joins me to talk about his latest book Boris Says the Words!

It is a fascinating chat on how to think and represent illnesses and misery, the potential...

Sep 2, 2021

A brief announcement on a few changes I'm going to make for my own health and care, while preserving the show and making sure it keeps going good and interestingly