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The Left Page & Here Be Media

Jun 4, 2022

Hello veryone!

This is a very special Writer's Desk, as it was originally closed, but now I release it to all, along with the companion piece on theReading Corner It is, after all, a conversation on the question of the Death of the Author, what it is, and how to think is alongside ethics.

In it I both present the...

Apr 18, 2022

Hello everyone!!

In this new episode of the show I dive into some of the intricacies of how we can approach, understand, and even reconsider the ideas of genre in fiction. Both on their potential and their limitations to criticism and breaking apart gatekeeping efforts and the walls that harm our attempts at writing,...

Jun 26, 2021

Hello all! This is my trial run at the new Patreon content I've been cooking up, The Writer's Desk! Simply put, I want to think about the relationship between fiction and politics from the point of view of a writer well... writing it! It is a question or a larger field that I reflect on a lot, and might be...

Jul 10, 2020

Hello everyone! We're are for reals back now, and we have a great episode today! In using the short story "Enoch Soames", by Max Beerbohm, we consider the hellworld that is academia, how we can and must do better, even bringing up, quite fortuitously, Black Lives Matter!

So join us, in this great and fun discussion, as...

May 28, 2020

WE ARE BACK!!! This time, as we return in full force, we talk about writing, its importance to us and how anyone can write, if they want to! We also talk about the pod, about us, and a few things we're planning! You don't want to miss this one!

Stay safe everyone! Thank you for being here with us and continue to follow...