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The Left Page

Jul 9, 2021

In this episode I am joined by the excellent Alessandra Pino to talk about the 1958 short story by Isak Dineson (Karen Blixen), Babette's Feast!

We talk about food, gothic food, its power as a means of memory and communication, along with the larger matter of the Paris Commune, some of its history and the relationship...

Apr 30, 2021

Hello friends! I'm joined in this episode by the excellent Icy Sedgwick of the Fabulous Folklore Podcast as we talk about her book "Black Dog & other gothic tales", a really fun collection of stories with folklore creatures both old and new!

We delve into writing folklore, understanding it, how to consider it both...

Feb 26, 2021

Hello everyone! In this exciting episode we go back to the roots of the Gothic, all the way to the 18th Century, as we talk of 1777's "The Old English Baron", by Clara Reeve!

In this conversation with Dr. Sam Hirst we delve into the Gothic proper, some of its machinations, its origins with Horace Walpole's "Castle of...

Jan 29, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a very special episode! The first one with an author and their own work, this time with CM Rosens' The Crows! A fantastic horror and gothic novel that is just... so fun, so fun! We talked about horror, house ownership, worldbuilding... It was lovely and I hope you can enjoy it too!


Sep 21, 2020

And once again, we are back! Chaos ensued for a bit, and my (Frank's) personal life got... intensely jumbled, but oh well. Here we are again, with a packed episode and an incredible collab with Roy from the Marxist Poetry Podcast!!

CW for sexual assault, abuse, pedophilia and a lot of gore.

We talk in this episode about...