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The Left Page

Sep 22, 2021

Hello everyone! Hope you've been looking forward to this month's full release episode! This time, Solarpunk!

In this episode I have an excellent interview and conversation with Justine Norton-Kertson, Editor-in-chief of soon to be launched Solarpunk Magazine! The Kickstarter of which opens very soon and you can check...

Sep 2, 2021

A brief announcement on a few changes I'm going to make for my own health and care, while preserving the show and making sure it keeps going good and interestingly

Aug 20, 2021

In this episode I delve into the Cyberpunk genre for the first time, talking about William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer in particularly! I explore quite bit over how there is much more to Cyberpunk than pure aesthetics. In terms of critique, genre, and possibility, there is more to it being done, and that can be...

Aug 6, 2021

In this incredible episode and collaboration, me and Brett, from Revolutionary Left Radio chat about the Don DeLillo novel "White Noise". We talked about some of its many questions of life, death, along with both the reflections it brings and its issues. We even dive into its genre as a "postmodern novel", matters of...

Jul 29, 2021

Just a few words on the disasters and the crimes and the losses of Brazilian culture.